2024 St Paul Island CY9C DXpedition

2024 St Paul Island CY9C DXpedition coming up for August 26 – September 5 2024. A lot of members of this DXpedition were also part of the 2023 CY0S DXpedition to Sable Island, which was a hugely successful DXpedition. CY9C details here

DXpedition Facebook Link

I can not wait to hunt down these guys on as many bands as possible.

FT4GL – DXpedition to Glorioso Islands

FT4GL – DXpedition to Glorioso Islands

The DXpedition to Glorioso Islands started a couple of days ago. Being the #7 most wanted DXCC entity, there is going to be some massive pile-ups, on SSB in particular. There will be no CW coming out of this dxpedition, probably because they do not have a team member that is CW proficient.

DX World’s FT4GL updates.

For more information, see the FT4GL blog site for the latest news.

4X2DS Dead Sea DXpedition featuring Amir – 4X6TT

*Calling All DX’ers!*
Join us for a groundbreaking event this month as we will transmit from the Dead Sea, 440 meters below sea level!
*Event Highlights:*
– *Unique Location:* Broadcast from the mystical Dead Sea in Israel.
– *All Major HF Bands Active:* Tune in on your favorite HF band.
– *Connect Globally:* Make contacts from this record-breaking altitude.
– *Special Certificate:* Earn a one-of-a-kind certificate for 3+ contacts.
*Dates:* May 30 – June 3, 2024
Mark your calendars and be part of this historic event!
*73, Shalom, and see you BSL (Below Sea Level)!*
please check out our QRZ Page for more info.
May be a graphic of map and text that says '4X2DS Dead Sea DXpedition May May30th-June3rd2024 30th- 30th-June3rd2024 June 3rd 2024'