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Howdy. Lois and Tor live in the Pee Dee of South Carolina. We both have a passion we share as often as we can. Motorcycle riding and motorcycle touring. We both try to spend as much time riding as we can, although it tend to interfere with a 4 letter word called work.

Touring and traveling by motorcycle? Riding 6-7000 miles in 3-4 weeks? What, are you nuts? No, absolutely not.

Traveling by motorcycle is a unique way of travel that is understood by few except those who know it first hand. The independence and freedom of the open road is something that is lost when traveling by car. You are intimately connected with your surroundings. You see a wider range of sights uninhibited by the cage of a car, a vivid array of scents pass into and out of your helmet, the subtle texture of the road is felt through your handlebars and seat, and you sense tiny temperature changes on the back of your neck. This is what riding is all about.

Having enough time off for touring is a problem, and there is never enough time. However, when we have the opportunity, we go, and the pictures and videos will be posted here on this blog during the tour, and after we get back home in the form of a trip report.


Take Care, use ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time), and ride safe.

2015 Can Am Spyder RT Limited

2018 BMW S1000XR

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