Chasing down the Blueridge – Day 2

Day two. A balmy 42 degrees when we stuck our heads out the tent. Air was dry, so no worries. Felt good. After a good breakfast in Blowing Rock, we headed further out and dropped by "The Blowing Rock". The fall colors hadn't completely developed though. Another week or so, and the colors would have popped out.

Lois is getting a shot at Blowing Rock

Blowing Rock, NC


Blowing Rock

Blowing Rock

Blowing Rock

Blowing Rock

Very windy, and a little cold. Walking back to our bikes, an older couple was standing there looking at them. The older gentleman told me he used to ride a R80GS a long time ago. The bikes sure have changed, he said. I agreed. It sounded like he wanted to get back into riding. His wife gave him a sideways look, and the continued the conversation with Lois talking about her Spydie RT. The lady wanted to watch us leave, so we got on the bikes and waved goodbye.

Had to re-visit Mt. Mitchell, the highest point east of Mississippi at 6684 ft. There is usually a thick fog surrounding the entire mountain. Not today, as the weather was a perfect 45 degrees and clear.

Mt. Mitchell

Mt. Mitchell

A little further up the Parkway towards Grandfather Mountain

Blueridge Parkway

Blueridge Parkway


Blueridge Parkway

Blueridge Parkway

Headed back down Sunday. 32 degrees in the morning. Stayed warm and cozy in the tent. Packed up the mules and left beautiful Linville Falls, our base camp. Good times.



Headed Westward Day 6-7

Kentucky countryside


Ferry across Bull Shoals Lake in Arkansas. I just hate how busy the ferry was :-). I was riding out of Harrison on 14 – 125 – 160 and didn’t hardly see another human or car. Needless to say, I was the only one on the ferry.




Arkansas Ozarks


The tent spots got filled up pretty fast, so some of us (no I didn’t) pitched in the horse stalls at the fairground.


Rode back from Arkansas Sunday and today. Roughly 2600 miles total for the trip. Didn’t hit rain until I got to South Carolina just a few miles from home. Great trip.

Headed Westward Day 4-5

Day 4: Treated myself with a motel overnight in Kennett, MO since I’d been riding most of the day, and didn’t find any places where icould pitch tent. Pulled up to Boone Co fairgrounds in the early afternoon. A few riders had already showed up and settled down. 

Swapping tall tales last night 😜

Day 5: Had planned on a ride around Bull Shoals Lake today. Being overcast and windy I swapped the trip with the laundromat and general housekeeping. The next few days look very good weather-wise. 70 day and 48 night. Perfect. 

Notice the “No Parking” sign 👹