Day 9: Buffalo SP, Cody, WY to Yellowstone NP, WY

Around 250 miles for the day. Started out from Buffalo SP, and rode in to Cody for bfast. Continued up 120 north of Cody to get to Chief Joseph Hwy. It didnt dissapoint. Awsome road and views. 50 miles of riding heaven, with countless stops for shots.

Chief Joseph ended at the intersection with hwy 212, known as Beartooth. We decided to head up Beartooth all the way to the Montana border. At Beartooth Pass at about 10000 ft elevation, the temp had dropped to 45 degr.

Beartooth did not dissapoint either. The scenery and views are just something that has to be experienced to really get a scope of the wastness and magnitude of these mountains. Being able to ride through the mountains makes it even better.

We returned from Beartooth and continued down through Yellowstone NP. It started to rain and the temp dropped to 44 degr. This are situations where you have total dependency on your gear, from waterproof boots, pants and jackets, all gortex, along with electrictly heated Gerbing liners. Get wet in these conditions, and youre in trouble. Being prepared is essential.

The campground we planned to stay at was closed for the season, so we started hunting for a place to sleep. We ended up in Grant Village campground on the south end of Yellowstone lake.

The temp is supposed to drop to 32 degr tonite. Again, having the right equipment is important in order to sleep comfortably in a tent in freezing temps.

Tomorrow we head over to Old Faithful to have a look. Also need to do housekeeping, laundry, and do some routine maintenance on the bikes.

Day 7: Black Hills, SD to Sheridan, WY

About 310 miles for the day. Left the campground in the Blackhills and headed up towards Deadwood, SD, where we stopped briefly before continuing up through Spearfish Canyon. What a beautiful ride. Ended up in Spearfish, hit I90 and continued to Devils Tower, WY. Nice. Not too crowded, and was able to shoot a few pictures. Will post later. The internet connection is rather crappy.

Headed down I90 to Sheridan, WY, where we are camping overnight.

Day 6: Roaming the Blackhills

Didnt have internet connection, so was unable to upload any pics.
What a day it was. Didnt make any time as we just rode about 70 mls taking in the beauty of the hills. Bisons, prong horns, Needles hwy, Crazy Horse, all just a sight to ride through and see. We still have perfect weather with 70s during the day and 40s at night. Perfect for camping. Beemers are still running very good after 2100 mls into the trip.

I will try to upload pics tonite if we can find a campground w/ electricity. We'll probably end up a little east of Cody, WY today…..

Edit: Pics from yesterday..



Needles Hwy


Crazy Horse