2016 BMW MOA Rally Hamburg, NY Day 4

Trip to Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Truly an experience. Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe in Buffalo, NY, the home of the Buffalo Hot Wings. 1600 mile roundtrip. Good Times.

Maid Of The Mist - All Onboard

Elevator tower down to the boat

The Canadian

Awesome view

Unstable waters

Better head back

Better head back

2016 BMW MOA Rally Day 2-3

Arrived in Hamburg, NY on Thursday afternoon after a nice ride from Pittsburgh following US 62 along the Allegheny River. Very nice ride. Highly recommended.

Fuel stop near Warren, PA. 

Today we spent most of our time browsing through a sea of motorcycle accessories for sale. 

In the candy store. 

Back in the day….

2016 BMW MOA rally

Headed up to Hamburg, NY for the annual international BMW MOA rally in Hamburg, NY. 

Eating breakfast in smalltown Pennsylvania a little south of Warren. Rolling hills and green pastures. A little drizzle every now and then keeps the temps to around 68-70. Perfect.

Purple Martin season

The season is winding down. Most of the nestlings have fledged, leaving 3 nests to fledge. We ended up having 32 pair, with around 133 eggs. We lost 8 or 9 to heat and premature nest jumping. Still, all in all a good season. I hate that we loose babies, but it is nature, and you do what you can