2010 Adventure Touring Shootout

There’s no shortage of adventuresome motorcyclists, but just how far each is willing to go varies widely. Motorcycle-Usa rounded up three of the more free-spirited street bikes and took them on a three-day tour that covered hundreds of paved miles, and an almost equal amount of dirt. Three riders carried everything we needed in the saddlebags and switched between bikes as we tracked fuel economy, performance, comfort and character along the way. Full writeup and test here.

Official accessories for Triumph Tiger 800 revealed

More from the new Triumph Tiger leaking campaign shows the accessories you can get with your Tiger 800 model. The more off-road oriented Tiger 800 XC model will be slightly different with a longer mudguard and possibly different tires. Both models will get different accessories, although they can all be fitted to the two depending on how adventurous you want to be with the Tiger.

Triumph is offering an Arrow titanium silencer as part of its official options, which also include various luggage kits, crash protection and comfort upgrades. You can check out some of the standard details in these pics, but the official unveiling of the Triumph Tiger will take place on October 5th at the Intermot show in Cologne..

Source: MCN

Blue Ridge Mountains ST Gathering 2009 Oct 8-11

This is the yearly BRP ST Gathering in the fall. 20-30 ST1300 riders get together to ride the mountains, have fun, visiting cool places, and shoot the breeze around the campfire. All this goes on with Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground in Cruso, NC as base. We plan on making the trip up there this year. It’s a very nice area with access to a lot of fun stuff,,,,,Sherohala Skyway, The Dragon, Gatlinburg, Bryson City, Hot Springs and others.

A lot of places and roads to choose from:




Ride to Work Day June 15.th

The annual RTW Day moves to the ‘third Monday in June.’ The next Ride to Work Day is MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2009. It is the 18th annual Ride to Work Day. Reasons for an earlier annual Ride to Work Day include:

  • The new day is not as hot in most northern hemisphere areas, and not as cold in most southern hemisphere areas. June weather is more favorable worldwide.
  • The new day provides an increased opportunity for more riders to Ride to Work. Many workplaces close for summer holiday in July – especially in Europe.
  • A Monday event encourages motorcycle and scooter commuting to continue during the entire week.
  • Positive media exposure will increase. Sundays are slower ‘news days’ so there will be more coverage like this: “Look for more motorcycles on your commute on June 15.th, as that Monday is the annual Ride to Work day…”
  • The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) has endorsed this day, and is promoting the ‘Third Monday in June’ worldwide as the annual Ride to Work Day.






Well, I ride to work mostly every day year round anyway, but hats off to them.