Nova Scotia or Bust Aug. 1 -21 2009

Two months and counting. The road planning part of the trip is complete. Going Hwy 220 up through NC into Roanoke, VA. Then I81 up through VA, PA, I84 through NY, I95 through MA, RI, Hwy 1 through MA and New Brunsvick into Nova Scotia. About 1500 miles one way.

It will take about 3 1/2 days or so to get up there.

We think we’ve got everything we need for the trip. 99% of the time you take more with you than you need, so no worries.

The bikes are as ready as they can be. What do you expect? They are both Honda bikes. Top reliability all around.

Hopefully the weather will hold up for the entire trip, but knowing how itcan change very quickly close to the atlantic, specially fog, I suspect we will have some rain / fog, at least on the eastern coast of Nova Scotia.

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2 Responses to Nova Scotia or Bust Aug. 1 -21 2009

  1. Tor says:

    I wished we had more time so we could jump over to “The Rock”, Newfoundland & Labrador, ( but we’re going to have to leave it for another trip.

    We’re 2 weeks out, and we’re ready to roll. All set, routes tuned, gear ready. Stay tuned.

  2. admin says:

    We’re two days out. For those of you wanting to follow us in the Trip Log (up in the top left corner, or under Pages in the left sidebar), subscribe to this post using below link(under “Manage Subscriptions”). We will add a comment here every time we make an update in the Trip Log. Can’t promise it’ll be every day, but whenever we’ve got a decent Internet connection, we will. You also have to be logged in to view the trip log, or register. Takes a minute to do ;-)…………..tor

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