Headed Westward Day 2 & 3

Day 2. Started in Newport, TN, after a good breakfast. Perfect weather with a 65 degree breeze. Goal was to reach Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. Planned on stopping at Cumberland Gap and Harrogate, but flew by the overlook before I could stop. US 32 and 25 East through the gap and further north is just a beautiful area.

I had planned to explore some of the motorcycle roads KY had to offer. While doing this, I managed to get lost somewhere between Middlesboro and Daniel Boone National Forest. I don't get lost often, but the GPS somehow had its own ideas that day.  Nevetheless, after scaring the wits out of loose chicken, dogs and turkeys, along with turning the pig around in some Kentucky hillbilly drive way, I managed to find my way out of the brown paper bag, and headed up towards Mammoth Cave NP, where I pitched for the night.

This morning (day 3) the plan was to explore The Land Between The Lakes. Weather still perfect. I entered  TLBTL from the north after hammering down Hwy 69. Very nice riding all the way through to TN 79. 

While I rode through, I decided go look for bison and elk on the prairie, which basically is a 1000 or so acres where bison and elk run loose. It had a sign at the entrance that said no motorcycles. I went in anyway. I soon realized why riding on a motorcycle while watching huge wildlife up close and personal is not a good idea. I had stopped behind a couple of cars and we were watching a huge bull bison heading up the road towards us. He was just kind of walking slowly past the two cars in front of me, while I whipped out the camera. As this behemoth cleared the rear of the car in front of me, I snapped a shot. When I did, he came into full view about 5 feet beside me. I dropped the camera back in the tank bag as he stopped, and he turned his head towards me, snorting. Um, hey there, pal, how are you doing, I though as I broke eye contact. The car in front started moving, I moved, and in my rear view mirror I could still see him turned around, watching me leave. Wow, so big, and so close.  

The rest of the day was uneventful, and called it a day in Kennett, MO. Tomorrow I'll continue towards Harrison, AR, where I'll stay for 4 days during the annual BMW Riders Association rally. There are a lot of good roads and places to ride and visit in the Ozarks. We'll see what happens.

25E. Veterans Overlook.


 Land Between The Lakes

Pica boo. He did NOT like my presence at all. I decided to get the hell out of Dodge. 


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