Honda releases sketch of V-Four Adventure Bike

If Honda has angered some of its loyal customers with a relative lack of new product in recent years, that might be about to change with this interesting, upright adventure/sport model that will be unveiled in production form at the Milan show. Expected to displace approximately 800 cc, the new bike should have the ergonomics of an adventure machine, i.e., completely upright with wide bars and a comfortable footpeg position, together with 17 inch wheels and street rubber. Here is a brief quote from Honda regarding the new machine.

“This mid-range machine is an exciting new approach – a crossover machine that represents the best aspects of two separate biking genres.  It will have the flexibility and exciting attitude of a Naked performance machine, with the more comfortable upright riding position and design cues inspired by adventure bikes.

“With the low center of gravity of a performance bike it is great fun to ride, and because of its wide handlebars and upright riding position it is both easy to maneuver and comfortable.”

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