Final wait for our male baby Shiloh

Two more weeks to wait for our male Shiloh baby. We'll be headed to Nancy's in Virginia to pick him up. We're very excited to finally get to see and hold him.

I should have added in the original post that Stacey at Roseland Shilohs has done a tremendous job with mom Annie and the puppies. We could not have asked for better care. We could not have asked for better communication as to what's happening. Every time she posts those beautiful pictures (pictures below are also courtesy Roseland Shilohs) it is like Christmas. We're jumping in excitement every time a new post, picture or video is posted.



New Shiloh puppy arrival

We are very excited. Roseland Shilohs in PA just had a litter of 4 beautiful Shiloh puppies, two males and two females (Athens, Rome, Paris and Milan). We have been looking and waiting for a male as an addition to our family for a long, long time. It finally looks like we are fortunate to get us a male from the litter between

Semper Fi Major Smith, TT, CGC aka Major and

IC-CH iCH bTP bCH Roselands Zavana Sun Of Azzaro, CGC, TT aka Annie.

The litter was born April 8th 2013. This is a partnership breeding between Roseland Shilohs in PA and Azzaro Shilohs in VA. Stacey at Roseland Shilohs and Nancy at Azzaro Shilohs are both extremely dedicated breeders, and we trust them 150%. Below are some photos of a proud Annie with her puppies (with permission from Stacey to post)