Purple Martin Season has started

We built a new T-14 14-compartment martin house for this year. Sitting about 15 feet up on a 3 inch square aluminum pole with winch for maintenance, it looks very nice. All thats left now is to get it filled up with purple martins. Since we don't really have a established colony yet, we are depending on sub-adult martins to start building. They arrive a month or so later than the adults. We'll see what happens.


Next to the house is a rack with a 24 gourd capacity. We currenlty have 12 gourds up. If the rack starts to fill up with martins, we can always add a few.

Saturday 3-19-2011 morning ride

Went to Cheraw to fetch a ST-Owners.com photo tag, then went to Cheraw State Park


People were out in full force canoeing and fishing on the lake.

Continued heading down 52 into Society Hill for the next SC tag photo.


This  grocery store belonged to Caleb and Hannah Coker, and which was started in 1828. It was called Coker & Rogers and sold groceries, work clothes, farm & garden equipment, hardware, paint, plumbing and electrical supplies – it was in continuous operation for more than 150 years before it closed. It is still sitting there, sign and all, on Hwy 15 going through Society Hill.