Honda Monkey returns to the market

Honda has announced that the famed monkey bike will be returning to its line up for its 40 year anniversary.  The engine in the new monkey bike has been significantly cleaned up and features both fuel injection and catalytic convertors.  The result is an engine that puts out 3.4bhp (isn't that less than the original?) but gets a consistent 282mpg while traveling at a top speed of 19mph.Two versions of the Monkey bike will be produced, the standard and a limited Edition.  The limited edition model will be called the "De Luxe" and features a chrome plated mudguard and headlight surround.  There are currently no plans to bring the monkey bike into the US and it will cost about $4000 in the domestic Japanese market.  Well chucks, I had hoped to get a hold of one…. Honda Monkey

Effective 2009, Myrtle Beach will no longer “host” motorcycle rallies

The members of the city council of Myrtle Beach have decided say enough is enough.  Because of the opinions of a few vocal residents who blame motorcycles and their riders for the ills of the world, the city has put into effect several new ordinances to discourage motorcycle usage and the rallies held in the area.

Myrtle beach residents finally got tired of the noise and the drunk riders dressed as pirates. Good for you, Myrtle Beach. Choose between drunk bikers wrecking havoc on the city, or a steady stream of tourists? The tourists win every time.

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