October 8-11 ST Blue Ridge Gathering at Blue Ridge Motorcycle Camp, Cruso, NC

  10/8/09: Looks like we're going to make it. All packet up and ready. A whole gang of Honda ST riders from all parts of the area gather at Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground in The Smokies to have fun, ride the best motorcycle roads east of Mississippi, nice scenery, good bbq and outrageous lies at the campfire. More to come.

10/09/09: Very nice trip up on Sherohala Skyway. 280 miles round trip. 68 going north into Tellico Plains was very nice too. New pavement. Perfect. Almost hit a black bear on the Skyway. Its the biggest black bear I have ever seen. He came out from nowhere on the right side, and tore into the road right in front of me. He never stopped, and continued full bore and dove under the guard railing. No I did'nt get pics or video. It was a little foggy in the higher elevations on SS, so we missed a few outlooks.

10/10/09: Headed out a little late, due to rain and drizzle. We teamed up with Chad and Denise from Concord, NC and Mike and Suzanne from Ft. Wayne, IN. Very, very nice people. Hope we can do it again some time. It continued to drizzle and stay al little foggy throughout the day, but we stayed dry. The fog lifted enough through 441 toward Gatlinburg to take some pics of the fall foliage. Not quite peaktime, but almost. Still some beautiful sights. The journey continued on 25 from Freeport, TN into Hot Springs, NC. Still drizzling and a little foggy. Hopped on 209, which is a very technical road when you start out of Hot Springs. However, there were a lot of gravel on the corners going up the mountain out of Hot Springs. We made it to Waynesville, NC, and hit up a Mexican restaurant, before heading down 276 into camp. 185 or so miles round trip.

10/11/09: Packed up the bikes, and cooked a good breakfast on the camp table. Left about 8:30. Foggy down 276 into Brevard, but cleared up from there. Headed over to Hendersonville, then I26 to Hwy 11 – Hwy 9. Very nice extended weekend trip.











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