Day 21: Leeds, AL to Home

425 or so miles for the day. Dodged the rain in Alabama, and also the rain when we got home in SC. All day slabbing on interstate 20, which is not our favorite way to ride, but gets us from A to B the fastest way. Came home and unpacked, sorted and cleaned equipment. 3 weeks riding and about 6000 miles later leaves a lot of nice pictures, videos and memories. It'll take weeks to sort through it all. Wish we could stay out longer, but work calls. We'll have to  wait a while.

Thanks to everyone that followed us on the journey.

Day 20: Van Buren, AR to Leeds, AL

525 miles for the day. Tore out of Van Buren before the rain started. Ate lunch a little west of Memphis, TN. The nightmares of getting through Memphis, TN and Birmingham, AL went fine, even with crazy drivers all around. Needless to say, no pics for today.

Final leg home tomorrow is about 420 miles, so shouldn't be much of a problem.