Day 7: Black Hills, SD to Sheridan, WY

About 310 miles for the day. Left the campground in the Blackhills and headed up towards Deadwood, SD, where we stopped briefly before continuing up through Spearfish Canyon. What a beautiful ride. Ended up in Spearfish, hit I90 and continued to Devils Tower, WY. Nice. Not too crowded, and was able to shoot a few pictures. Will post later. The internet connection is rather crappy.

Headed down I90 to Sheridan, WY, where we are camping overnight.

Day 6: Roaming the Blackhills

Didnt have internet connection, so was unable to upload any pics.
What a day it was. Didnt make any time as we just rode about 70 mls taking in the beauty of the hills. Bisons, prong horns, Needles hwy, Crazy Horse, all just a sight to ride through and see. We still have perfect weather with 70s during the day and 40s at night. Perfect for camping. Beemers are still running very good after 2100 mls into the trip.

I will try to upload pics tonite if we can find a campground w/ electricity. We'll probably end up a little east of Cody, WY today…..

Edit: Pics from yesterday..



Needles Hwy


Crazy Horse